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 The Top 10 Body Shapes Of Women - Do's & Don'ts

Women from around the world are beautiful, no matter what size, color, cast they belong they are beautiful because they are women made by God. When talking about their body shapes you can see diversity among them but trust me every body shape is loved by men. The logic behind different body types and shapes is that the weight of the women’s body is distributed unequally which makes some part of the body appear bigger than the other for example some may have bigger chest area while others may have larger hips etc.

Just like everything comes with pros and cons, every body shape has its own set of pros and cons. For those women, out there who don’t know what kind of body shape or figure they have, just read this article thoroughly and you will know the answer by the end. Here you go!!!!

The most common body shapes of women

1. Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape
Just like the name suggests this body shape resembles a lot like a beautiful and ripe apple. A lot of times this kind of body shape is also called inverted triangle body or V-shaped body. Women with this body type have a beautiful curve around their waist area which gives these women well-defined waist. Although, these women may have a larger proportion of hips on contract to their chest, however, mostly these women have slimmer legs.
Fashion advice:
The best thing that you can do to embrace your body type is to wear clothes that give more emphasis on the lower body part rather than giving emphasis on the upper body part. You can go for clothes that have some sort of fancy designs or chains on it that give prevent from giving all the attention to the upper body part.



Wear tops with fancy designs 

Avoid clothes that make the lower part prominent

2. Straight Body Shape

Straight Body Shape
This body shape is also known as the supermodel body shape because most of the supermodels have a straight body shape. Other than that, this body shape is also known as a ruler or rectangular body shape. Women with these body shapes have an equal proportion of their chest and hips and that’s why they have same measurements for both of those places. This body type doesn't have curves at all and hence, it appears straight as well.
Fashion advice:
To look absolutely charming in whatever to every occasion women with this body type should go for tube dresses to highlight the feature of their body and it will suit the shape of their body like nothing else. For more stunning look,you can just add a nice belt around your waist if you don’t want to go for the belt you can definitely go for some kind of chain for a perfect match. This tip will help you create fake hourglass, slim and sexy figure that everyone desires for.



Always wear a belt

Wear tube dresses

Don’t wear something that highlights the waist

3. Diamond Shape Body

Diamond Shape Body Diamond Shaped BodyDiamond Shape BodyDiamond Shape Body
Diamond shaped body is similar to the shape of a diamond that’s why it is called as diamond shaped body. You that diamonds are wider from the lower part, just like that the hips of a woman who has diamond shaped body are also wider in comparison to their chest area. The weight gain areas for these women are around the stomach and hips, they lack well-defined waist. Due to heavy hips, these women tend to have thicker thigh too whereas the lower legs are in perfect shape. Other than legs, arms are also nicely shaped.
Fashion advice:
You know that you've slimmer and well-shaped arms so you should go for dresses that will make your arms look prominent. To look the best while having diamond shaped body, you must dress in a way that makes your waist look well-shaped and makes your chest area appear heavy or equal or the proportion of hips. In short, go for clothes that have curves in them already. Make pants, skirts and belts your best friends.



Pants and skirts for slimmer look

Wear nice belts

Don’t wear too tight shirts or tops

4. Skinny Shape Body

Skinny Shape Body
You may think that very few women may have a skinny shaped body but you are wrong, a lot of women have skinny shaped body and they struggle all the time to make fake curves in their bodies. These women have a straight and through the body from top to bottom. There is no or very little difference in the measurements or the upper body and the lower body. Buy one thing for sure, that these women have extremely sexy and toned legs, so flaunt them as much as you can.
Fashion advice:
Give extra attention to your legs and try to wear boot cuts, miniskirts or shorts. You can also go for a push-up bra to give a little pop in your chest area.



Go for boot cuts shoes

Wear push-up bra

Don’t wear lose shirts or even sweaters

5. Cornet Shape Body:

Cornet Shape Body
This body shape is considered to be the luckiest body shape in the whole world. If you have this shape of body, then congratulations! Women with this body type will have little broad shoulders, their chest area is perfectly normal sized, their legs are sexy and toned and their hips are smaller. But note that the waistline of women with this body type will not be prominent or well defined.
Fashion advice:
Wear dresses that will enhance your waistline and will draw all the attention there.



Wear skinny jeans 

Try a draping dress

Refrain from wearing belts

6. Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass Body Shape
As the name shows this body shape resembles the shape of an hourglass. For the best example, Kim Kardashian has an hour glass figure. Women with this figure are going to have beautifully carved waist, with well-balanced proportions of chest and hips. This kind of body will appear around and very curvy.
Fashion advice:
Since you have a well-defined waist, so going for jackets, tailored coats, or crop tops is the best way to show-off it. These will give emphasis to your waistline even more. You can also wear belts for more spice in your dressing. You can also try different types of skirts since women with this body type have beautiful legs too.



Wear tailored jackets

Firm and fitted shirts

Wear skirts

Don’t wear extra lose clothes

7. Oval Body Shape

Oval body shape
Women with oval body shape will have their chest area larger and fuller than other parts of the body. This kind of women will have a drastic weight gain around their stomach. The waist of women with the oval body is the widest part of their entire body. Their hips are going to be faster and their lead will be more slim and cylindrical in shape. Don’t forget to flaunt your legs.
Fashion advice:
Go for the kind of tops that open up at the waist section of your body. Also, stock up on V-neck shirts and belts that you can wear around your waist.



Wear V neck shirts

Give skirts a try

Top with flare in the end

Don’t wear anything that is too short

8. Pear body shape

Pear body shape
This shape is full of curves and women with this body type should flaunt their curves as much as possible. These women will have hips wider than any other part of the body along with good defines and beautiful waist line. These women usually gain weight in their upper body portion.
Fashion advice:
If you have this body shape, then you must go for bright and pop colors to make your body appear sexy. You can also add bracelets and another kind of suitable accessories for the perfect combo.



Opt for bright colors

Go for tops

Wear bracelets

Don’t wear dull and boring colors

9. Athletic Body Shape

Athletic body shape
Women with this body shape will have lean, fit and toned body physique. They will have just the right number of curves incorporated in the sexy and attractive body. These women have a muscular build and they may have abs too.
Fashion advice:
You should go for things that will flaunt your sexy figure like you can wear yoga pants or tight sweat pants. Other than that, you can also go for skirts to add a little more element of curves. When it comes to shoes wear something that will make you look slimmer for example wedges, platforms etc.



Wear wedges and platforms for slimmer look

Try tulip shirts

Do not wear anything too plain and boring

10. Lollipop body shape

Lollipop body shape
Women with this kind of body will have a perfectly broad chests area with toned waist and slimmer hips. Legs will be long with wider and broader shoulders.
Fashion advice:
To make a balanced appearance is to wear bell-bottom trousers along or you can also go for skirts.



Wear skirts

Try wearing bell bottomed pants

Avoid wearing skirts that are too shirt


Guess your type
So, ladies now that you know some of the most common types of bodies, can you guess which type are you?




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    Interesting! Some of these body type definitions seem to have changed in definition over the years. Fun clothing suggestions!

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    There needs to be a circle body shape because I think that is me LOL Seriously though, there is some very helpful info here!

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    Interesting! I had no idea there were that many shapes! Very helpful, thank you

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    I had no idea there were so many different and defined body types for women! Thanks for sharing!

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